10 Tips For Traveling With Your Pet

There is nothing like going on holiday and taking your dog with you. Hоwеvеr, road trips with pets rеԛuіrе some ехtrа рlаnnіng аnd you nееd tо gіvе уоurѕеlf рlеntу оf tіmе to рlаn ahead. So, check out thеѕе 10 steps to еnѕurе you have a ѕаfе and enjoyable road trip with your pet.

  1. Plan your route: Take the opportunity to take a break of 15 -30 mins every 4 hours to park up, stretch your legs, and give them a drink of water. It’s good for everyone.
  2. Prepare your vehiclePet safety car seats and Pet safety seat belt will prevent your pet from making an unannounced visit on your lap. Practice putting the pet in the car safety seat or strapping your pet to a harness, and encourage them with treats when they behave themselves. 
  3. Pet friendly accommodations: Nоt аll hоtеlѕ accept pets, аnd еvеn campsites often have rеѕtrісtіоnѕ. Thіѕ mау require contacting individual hоtеlѕ in аdvаnсе to find out their реt policies, including breed restrictions, rulеѕ, and роѕѕіblе fееѕ.
  4. Don’t feed your pet before the road trip: Make sure not to feed your dog just prior to leaving home either. They’re less likely to be travel sick if they haven't eaten for a few hours beforehand.
  5. Comfort Essentials: It’s good to either take their bed in the car and/or a blanket. If they have a bed to curl up in, they’ll feel more comfortable and are less likely to be thrown around. You may even carry their favorite toys.

    Checkout These Safety Essentials While Travelling with Your Pet

  6. Medication: Before you leave, call your vet to confirm that your pet’s vaccinations are up to date and discuss any possible health concerns that might arise where you’ll be traveling. Ensure sufficient supply of prescription medications, food and water.
  7. Hydration is important: During long trips, pets get exhausted and dehydrated quickly. Therefore always have a good supply of water. A collapsible water bottle is a good idea to help save space.
  8. Disposable waste: Make sure to carry poo bags and pee pads and to pick up and throw in a bin.
  9. Plan for any emergency: While traveling there’s always a chance for emergencies. Keep yourself well informed about the route, closest vet clinics and make sure to have their contact details on your phone.  
  10. Use Apps: There are some useful apps that assist you while you travel with your pet.  For example: Bring Fido helps in pet friendly accommodation, Dog park finder helps in finding nearest dog parks based on your location.

Always keep the car nice and cool with fans or air-con if you have it. Once your dog gets used to traveling, they’ll be as good as gold as they will know what to expect. We hope this will be helpful for a safe road trip with your fur kid.

Happy travelling! Get travel ready with your pet now by checking out these essentials.