Waterproof Cargo Liner™

Waterproof Cargo Liner™

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Introducing our Waterproof Cargo Liner™! Travel with your pets minus the dirt, fur and water on your car seats. Designed to fit any standard vehicle trunk, the Scratch-proof Cargo Liner is equipped with straps to fit headrests. While protecting your seats from your pet’s paws, protect your pet from sliding in the car as the liner comes with a rubber non-slip backing to ensure a smooth ride for all!

Double Protection: Protects your car seats from tears, scratches, fur, water and dirt! Additionally, it protects your dog from uncomfortably sliding on the car seats, as the liner is lined with a rubber non-slip backing.

Easy to install: Equipped with straps to fit headrests, the Waterproof Cargo Liner™ is designed to fit universal vehicle trunks.

Bumper Protection: We often ignore the scratches made on the bumper while our pets get into the vehicles! Fear no more - Our Waterproof Cargo Liner™ comes with an extended flap to help load your pet into the car (with no scratches or slipping).

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