Our Story

Protecting your loved ones is a way of saying ‘I love you’.

I have always believed in this. One day as I was going about my life walking my two dogs (Bageera the German Shepherd & Momo the Shiba Inu) and picking up after their daily detox, an idea struck me in a moment’s wonder which made me want to rush home and brainstorm this with my business-minded entrepreneur husband. I said to him, ‘’When there exist - baby strollers, baby seat belts, baby car booster seats and even baby safety gates at homes, why aren’t there similar products for dogs? He jumped at the idea at once and started helping me build my business, of spreading safety and many ‘I love yous’ to dogs, cats and pets around the world. 

We hope your fur babies nest in the comfort of our products and feel our love in the form of cuddles and drools.

Lots of Love,
Team Wandertails
Contact: Info@wandertails.com