Pet Protection Back Seat Cover™

Pet Protection Back Seat Cover™

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Sanity Restored! with our latest Pet Protection Back Seat Cover™, you can now travel comfortably, safely and in style with your pets! Your worst nightmares of wet, fur-covered seats are now put to rest, along with the additional safety assurance that your dog will be comfortably nestled in the seat without jumping between seats dangerously. 

Durable Protection: Made of heavy duty oxford cloth, water resistant polyester & anti-slip material, it is extremely durable and offers all around protection for your entire seat side when your dog jumps into the car. 

100% Waterproof: Hassle-free cleaning with hand, damp cloth, or vacuum! Get rid of scratches, hair, fur spills or any mess by simply cleaning the cover without worrying about the seat! 

Convenient and Safe: Made from anti-slip material, it lets your pet to wander around it without slipping and jumping around. 

Easy to Install: Install in under 1 minute in any car with a headrest! Simply buckle it to the front and back headrest and it is all set to use!

Measurement : 54 x 58 inch

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